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Spots and socks make for fundraising fun at Springfield

Normal uniform rules were relaxed as spotty clothing, in honour of the charity's mascot Pudsey Bear, was the order of the day, whilst children were also encouraged to wear odd socks for the anti-bullying campaign.

"Children In Need is a charity that really strikes a chord with schoolchildren everywhere because it's something they can relate to, so we're delighted that they understood it, embraced it and made so much effort to be part of it," said David Blackmore, a spokesman for Springfield, which is a member of the GLF Schools multi-academy trust.

"They see Children In Need on television so it's great to make them feel involved in it directly, and that they're making a real difference to what it's all about. Child welfare is also a theme that ties in neatly with the message of the anti-bullying week, so the funds raised will go to support them both. To bring both causes together like this reinforces both messages and makes sure they are remembered."