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Year 1 at Battersea Zoo

On Wednesday 13th March, Year 1 went to Battersea Zoo as part of their topic ‘Paws Claws and Whiskers’. The children boarded the coach to the zoo, for some children this was their first time and they were very excited to ride with their friends. All seatbelts were buckled and we were on our way. We played many games and sung some songs to pass the time. The children were very excited when we arrived and as soon as we walked in three otters sitting on an “enormous grey rock” (Elisha) greeted us. We then split into groups and went exploring the zoo with our own zookeeper.

We were just in time for the otter feeding so the children saw the otters swimming around their enclosure collecting their food. We also saw meerkats, wild cats, lemurs, chipmunks, rabbits, guinea pigs, donkeys, emus, agouti’s, wallabies and many different species of monkeys. The children all took turns in patting the rabbit and learning about how to handle small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs. Finally, we had lunch before playing for the remainder of the afternoon on the zoo’s amazing park, which had a sandpit, helicopter and many climbing apparatus’s.

“I liked playing eye spy on the bus, it was funny” - Dylan

“I learnt otters use their sharp claws and teeth to eat fish and crabs. My favourite part was the meerkats because they’re cute and they live in the dessert.”- Ethan

“Emu eggs are green so they can camouflage in the grass.” - Chloe