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Year 2 trip to Windsor Castle

Year 2 enjoyed a trip to Windsor Castle this half term, to tie in with their topic ‘Towers, Turrets and Tunnels’.  They had a great time seeing real life examples of royal buildings and learning about different castles. They took part in a castle workshop and even got to dress in armour and re-enact a battle. The children were well behaved and represented our school beautifully.

Bonnie- ‘’I learned the Queen is home when the Royal Standard is flying.’’

Ethan- ‘’I learned the three lion flag is flying when the Queen’s home. I loved wearing the chain armour.’’

Elisha- ‘’I enjoyed looking at all the different rooms because they were breath-taking!’’

Lucas- ‘’I saw a moat around the castle to protect it from enemies and made it hard to attack.’’

Dylan- ‘’I loved when we saw the cannon and weapons. I liked it when I got to pretend to be in battle and use the arrow slit holes.’’