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Oars Ready!

Year 4’s topic this half term is Traders and Raiders, which is all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings! The Year 4 team decided it would be fantastic to allow the children to experience Viking life first-hand, and so we arranged a visit to Ufton Court for an exciting Viking themed day. The children and adults had a fantastic day learning how Vikings fought in battle, experiencing how they would get into different battle formations and even got to use some real Viking weaponry.

We then voyaged deep into the woods to find a life-sized Viking Longboat! The children were able to experience rowing, life on a longboat and we had a great time learning about the different raids Vikings made in different countries. In the afternoon, the children got to learn how to make their own bow and arrow from natural materials and had a go at many different Viking games and leisure activities.

The day was a truly memorable experience and bought their learning to life in a way that would not be possible in the classroom. What a magical day!