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Every child at Springfield gets the opportunity to practice their reading with adults and develop their comprehension knowledge so they grow a deeper understanding for the texts that they read. We promote reading through a system called reading stars which is where children are encouraged to read at home as well as at school. At Springfield we are fortunate to have a fantastic library which stores a wide range of non-fiction books and guided reading books for the children to enjoy. Within classrooms, children have a book corner which has been uniquely chosen by the class to give each room an exciting place to go and choose books from; some photograph examples of these can be seen on the right .

Writing at Springfield is taught through a variety of exciting creative ways. Our curriculum covers a wide range of genres and these are taught in ways that inspire children to display their writing abilities. Children are taught through role plays, videos, cross-curricular links and talk for writing. We ensure that children have the confidence to write after talking through their ideas, sharing visual resources and identifying targets that they need to individually work on to move their writing forward. Phonics knowledge is built on in early years and throughout KS1, children in KS2 who need extra support are provided with booster sessions to develop their readings skills and spellings. Children show a real enthusiasm for the interactive phonics games and actively use the visual prompts displayed in the classrooms.