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As a school we have created spelling lists for the children to learn each term. Below are the spellings for each term. As a recommendation we feel that in order for children to learn their spellings accurately, they should follow the following process: look, say, cover, write, check. To extend their understanding of key spellings please encourage your child to write them into full sentences. They may find that using a dictionary or the internet will help them write sentences which include the spellings they are learning. For example if the spelling they are given is ‘important’, they may choose to write a sentence like this: It is important to practise my spellings so that I can improve my writing.
The expectations regarding spellings have been raised and some of the words are challenging but these are words that they are expected to be able to spell by the end of the year. We would advise that you do keep referring back to previous spellings so your child does not forget spellings that they had previously learnt. 
Below are the spellings for each Year Group. Some children may have received different lists to support their individual learning needs.


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