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Early Years Vision at Springfield


Each child is an individual.

All children learn through different pathways.

Ready to take responsibility for their own learning.

Links to form home school partnership.

Year of wow moments and celebrations.


Yes to confidence building.

Engaging lively curriculum that stimulates learning both indoors and outdoors.

Awe and wonder of the world around them.

Resilient respectful creative children.

Successful self motivated adults of tomorrow. 

Spring Term - We are Explorers!



After learning so much about Dinosaurs we decided to explore a different part of the world - the rainforest! 

We began by investigating the features of the rainforest and the animals that live there. The children wanted to learn more about endangered animals and how we can help them. This lead us on to discussion about recycling and looking after our environment.  

At the Maths Station the children have been learning how to order items by weight. We used the scales to weigh the different rainforest animals and find out which is heavier and lighter. We experimented with different ways to record our results. 

20160317_101156   20160314_094619  20160314_093714

We reallly enjoyed being exploxers in our rainforest role play area. We used a range of equipment and props to support our play and particularly liked recording what animals we had discovered, building campfires and going on adventures. 

20160229_122400    20160229_123459   20160229_123757  

We were also very lucky to have a surprise visit from Ruby the snake! 

20160303_150228   20160303_151922

Ruby was very friendly and very long! We enjoyed feeling her soft skin and looking at her beautiful patterned colours. We learnt a lot about snakes too. After that we went outside and drew snake patterns with chalk then we measured them. 

20160223_105035   20160223_104245   20160223_105612


The Reception children had a suprising start to thier Monday morning when a meteor came flying down from the sky and crash landed in our outdoor classroom! 

The children thought the meteor must have come from one of the cold planets as it was feezing!

They used our information books about Space to find out more information. These children thought it could have been a cosmic snowball!

20160127_103611        20160127_103553

Some of the children noticed there were dinosaurs ecsaping from the rumble!

Immediately we had to design warning posters for the rest of the school and the children got straight to work building a trap to catch the escaped dinosaurs. 

20160126_102436    20160126_104223    20160126_103552

20160126_104321   20160126_110530   20160126_111545

After we went on a dinosaur hunt, but first we had to build a time machine...

20160108_111720            20160108_151845          20160108_105420

The children worked in teams with a variety of resources to plan and build thier time machines. They thought carefully about the different parts and how their machines would work. 

The children are very excited to share thier knowledge and understanding and find out more information about the different types of dinosaurs and their habitat.

We began by sharing what we already know and aksing questions about what we would like to find out.

20160210_111418     20160210_111735

We used a range of books and websites to research our topic and we represented our understanding in a variety of ways.

In the Maths Station we used dinosaurs and Numicon to solve problems involving adding and taking away. We used number sentences to record our understanding.

20160211_095126     20160211_095136

We learnt so many different WOW words to describe the dinosaurs and we made collage pictures using different colours and textures. We used our WOW words to write a sentence about a dinosaur. 

20160128_112429   20160128_092824   20160128_112415

In the outdoor classroom we built our own dinosaur swamp. It was very messy and great fun!

20160211_100127   20160211_100448    20160211_111429

We learnt all about fossils and how they are formed. Then we used salt dough to make our own dinosaur  fossil. 


We wanted to share all our amazing dinosaur learning with our families so we decided to make a Dinosaur Museum!

We worked very hard creating our Museum and our families had a fantastic time when they came to visit! 

20160211_151640    20160211_152548   20160211_152524   

20160211_151946   20160211_152448   20160211_151802



We were so inspired by the astronaut Tim Peake we decided to start our new topic by exploring space.

In the Maths Station the children were very excited to recieve an email from Tim asking us for help!

He asked us to design a rocket to take extra supplies up to the International Space Staion so he could complete his space walk. He also asked us to measure the distance across the Space Station. Our key maths questions were:

How can we measure the distance from one place to another?

Can we use 2D and 3D shapes to build a rocket?

We experimented using 2D and 3D shapes to build rockets. 

        20160121_122015            20160122_142348

  20160111_143236       20160122_101935

  20160113_111701     20160122_111514

We used a variety of standard and non-standard units to measure length and distance and thought of ways to record our results.

20160129_121849      20160129_121754

In the Writing Station we used our sounds to write a list of things we would take with us to space in our rocket. We also wrote labels for the different parts of our rocket. 

20160202_112511   20160302_112108

We loved finding out information about the solar system and space in our topic books! 

  20160111_120650    20160111_120642

In the Creative Station we made planets using paper mache and painted pictures of the solar system. 

20160129_094111     20160119_100852


Autumn Term - Mr Bear's Birthday


The children in Ruby and Rose class were very excited to receive their first party invitation from Mr Bear!

There was lots of planning and preparation to be done!

In the Writing Station the children have been busy making shopping lists, invitations and cards. They are beginning to use their phonic knowledge to sound out words independently.


In the Creative Station the children have been making party hats, repeating pattern paper chains and wrapping presents for Mr Bear.


In Finger Gym we have been weaving colourful decorations for Mr Bear’s party.


Our Maths question is…

How old is Mr Bear?

Mr Bear is very lucky because he has not one, but TWO birthday cakes! We have been counting the candles for each cake and then adding them together to find the total. Next we started to record our ideas by drawing the candles on the cakes and writing a number sentence. We are very proud of our super learning!


We are looking forward to making some delicious cakes and planning lots of party games for his birthday celebration on Thursday!



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