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Excellent attendance is fundamental to an excellent education. Therefore, only in exceptional or mitigating circumstances will an absence be approved. 



If your child is unwell and unable to attend school or absent from school for any reason, (including medical appointments) please phone the school on 01932 782 815 before 9.00am. 

We have an answerphone until 8.30am where you can leave a message before the office opens.  After 8.30am you can use the absence line.  If we do not receive any information from a parent by this time, we will use Teachers2Parents to send a text to parents asking them to phone the school.   If we do not hear from you we will pursue all contacts regarding a child’s absence as part of our safeguarding policy.  Please leave a message by 9.00am each day of their absence.

If your child has either vomiting or diarrhoea, they must stay away from school for 24 hours from the last bout. If a child is sent into school within the 24 hour period, we will contact the parents and ask for the child to be collected from school.

It is essential that you provide us with a written note when your child returns to school, otherwise the absence will be recorded as 'unauthorised'. Any absence can result in a loss of continuity for your child’s education and upset their balance of learning. As a school, we are required to provide details of all unauthorised absences to the Local Education Authority. Please send absence letters directly to the school office.

Medical and Dental appointments

We ask that you please make every effort to avoid booking medical and dental appointments during school time.  Where this is unavoidable parents should put this in writing to the school office and attach a copy of the appointment card or letter before the date of the appointment.   Please also include the time you will need to collect your child.  On the day of the appointment, please send a note to your child's class teacher with the time you will be picking your child up so that the teacher knows what time to send them to the office.  If your child will be late into school because of a medical or dental appointment, please phone the school (01932 782 815) on the morning of the appointment and leave a message on the absence line before 9.00am.  If arriving late please ensure that your child is accompanied and signed in by an adult at the school office for safeguarding reasons.

Other Absences

Requests for absence during term time will not be authorised unless there is deemed to be an exceptional circumstance.  Parents must make an appointment to see the Headteacher prior to any potential absence to discuss individual circumstances.  Local Authorities have the power to serve parents with a Fixed Penalty Notice if a child has significant or repeated days of unauthorised absence.  For further details, please refer to the attendance policy.

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