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Head Teacher's Welcome

Dear Parents,

Deciding on the primary school that your child attends is one of the most important decisions you make as you will be helping to lay the foundations for a lifetime of learning. You will want to ensure that the school you decide upon is a caring and happy environment, that the teaching staff are engaged and motivated to support your child.

At Springfield Primary School we believe in setting the highest standards in everything we do.  We plan and tailor learning for each child, giving them access to a broad range of experiences to ensure that each and every child reaches their full potential.  We strive to develop respect amongst our children; respecting difference, respecting others and respecting themselves.  We aim to make the school day exciting and energising and yet set clear boundaries within which the children can explore and develop vital social skills. These are important values to hold but our overriding aims are simple.  We want each child to develop both a love of learning and the confidence to shape their lives as they wish.

We are proud that our school is seen by the children as a fun place to be and where their opinions and ideas are valued.  This is echoed in the happy faces you will see around school, the comments from children and the feedback we get from parents.

You are likely to want to read our latest Ofsted report and this can be found on our website.  Since our last inspection we have continued to move forward in raising the standards of achievement in the school.

I would welcome you to take the opportunity to visit the school to see for yourself.

Mrs Bethan Smith

Our priority is to enable all children to achieve high academic standards. We will also make sure that they develop a sense of social responsibility and a passion for learning.