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Boys' football tournament - Friday 22nd September 2023

Last week the boys entered the Spelthorne boys 5-a-side football tournament hosted at Egham Leisure Centre. We finished top of our group with some great determination grit and hard work from the boys. This led us to a semi-final which was an intense game that needed extra time to split the difference between the two sides. We prevailed with two late goals and into the final we went. Unfortunately, we were beaten in the final.  However, we really proud of the boys for finishing 2nd overall out of 17 schools! Well done to Lucus, Albie, Charlie, Alexx, Archie and Noah. 


Girls' Football Matches - Thursday 5th October 2023

Our fantastic Years 5 and 6 girls' football team played their first opening tournament game last week and came away with a great result! They played 3 league fixtures, winning every game and scoring between 2 and 3 goals in each game. They then qualified for the semi-finals, where they had a further victory by winning 3 - 0. In the final, the girls lost their last game, meaning they came second out of 16 other schools! We are incredibly proud of this result and want to say a huge well done to the team.


Boys' football tournament - Thursday 19th October 2023

A few weeks later, in a thrilling football encounter, the Year 4 and 5 boys' football team faced an opposing school team that happened to be run by none other than their former PE teacher! The played a fantastic game, with true talent shining through.

The game ended 2 –1 to the opposing team, but we could not be prouder of our budding Year 4 and 5 team!


Boys' Football Match - Friday 3rd November 2023

The boys' 5 and 6 Football Team faced a challenging match against St. Nicholas' and despite a valiant effort, experienced a tough loss of 3-0, in a hard-fought game.


Boys' Football Encounter - Tuesday 7th November 2023

Another competitive match, the boys' team played against Chennestone and displayed incredible sportsmanship, though faced a defeat in a closely contested game, 2-1.


Boys' B Team Football Tournament - Friday 10th November 2023

The boys' B team showcased their skills in a thrilling football tournament, securing a commendable 4th position. Their dedication and teamwork were truly remarkable throughout the competition.


Girls' Football Fixture - St. Nicholas' - Thursday 16th November 2023

The girls' football team encountered a spirited match against St. Nicholas' and displayed great determination, although they faced a challenging loss of 6-2.


Rugby Tournament at Buckland Primary School - Wednesday 22nd November 2023

The boys' and girls' Rugby Team exhibited their prowess in a demanding tournament, securing a proud 4th place. Their resilience and teamwork were evident in every match they played.


Girls' Football Match, Laleham - Thursday 30th November 2023

The girls' Football Team competed against Laleham in a spirited game, showing immense effort and determination, despite a challenging loss. Everyone's performance was commendable, and their dedication shone brightly.


Boys' Football Game - Tuesday 20th February 2024

Our boys' football team faced a challenging away game against Hawkedale Primary, resulting in a close 1-0 loss. Although the outcome wasn't in our favor, our team showed resilience and great gameplay throughout the match.


Girls' Football Match - Tuesday 27th February 2024

The girls' football team hosted St Michaels in an exciting home game. Despite the loss, our girls demonstrated exceptional skill and teamwork on the field.


Boys' Football Game - Monday 11th March 2024

Our boys' football team travelled for an away game against Echelford. Despite the defeat, our team managed to score 2 goals, showcasing their determination to compete at their best.


Girls' Football Match - Monday 18th March 2024

In another match against Echelford, this time in the girls' division, our team once again displayed fantastic effort. Despite the loss, our girls managed to score another 2 goals, highlighting their consistency and skill on the field.


Paralympian Fundraiser Visit From Nerys Pearce – 23rd April 2024

On the 23rd of April, our school welcomed Sports For Schools and Paralympian Nerys Pearce for an exciting sponsored obstacle course event. The children eagerly participated, and together we raised an incredible £1,830 for new sports equipment. The day was both inspiring and fun, leaving everyone motivated and excited about sports.


Year 4 Tag Rugby Team Shines at Buckland Primary  - 29th April 2024

On the 29th of April, our Year 4 tag rugby team competed in a tournament at Buckland Primary, finishing in 5th place. The children displayed impressive rugby skills and teamwork, earning praise and medals for their efforts. It was a proud moment for our young athletes and a great show of teamwork and dedication.


Bishop Wand Year 10 Pupil Lessons

This half term, our students had the unique opportunity to learn from Bishop Wand Year 10 pupils preparing for their GCSEs. The PE sessions were highly engaging, and our children enjoyed gaining insights into the world of secondary education.


Impressive Performance at Egham Leisure Centre 

A team of Year 4, 5, and 6 boys and girls represented Springfield at Egham Leisure Centre for the Spelthorne Swimming Gala and delivered an outstanding performance, securing 2nd place! Their dedication, teamwork, and enthusiasm were truly inspiring. We are incredibly proud of their achievements, both as a team and individually. Thank-you to all the parents who supported us with travel arrangements and came to cheer us on.