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Well-being Support for Families

At Springfield Primary School, we work hard to support the mental wellbeing of our pupils, and we know that working in partnership with our parents is fundamental to our success. Our Pastoral Team are always available if you have any questions or concerns about your child's wellbeing.

Whilst we can provide support in school, we know that many parents also value opportunities and strategies to promote their child's mental wellbeing at home. Members of the Pastoral Team can make personalised suggestions depending on the needs of a child, however we also want to give parents access to information and resources at home, which may be particularly useful during times when the school team are unavailable, such as during holidays.

We have put together a selection of resources including themed, "Parent Quick Guides" based on topics that come up frequently in our conversations with parents and carers, recommendations of books on a variety of topics based on recommendations from school staff and parents, along with a list of useful contact numbers and websites.

We would always recommend that parents review the content of these resources prior to sharing them with their children to ensure they are happy with the language and subject matter.

We hope that you find these resources useful. 

Useful numbers and websites

In the event that you have concerns about a child and are not able to contact the school for advice, you may find the following numbers useful:

Childline - 0800 1111 - available for children under 19 years
Young Minds Parent Helpline - 0808 802 5544 - available Monday - Friday 9.30am - 4pm - This site includes useful articles and resources on several topics including tips for looking after children's mental health, wellbeing advice and strategies to support working from home, loneliness and anxiety. - This site provides advice and resources to support mental health and wellbeing in children and teens. -This site provides advice and support for young people up to the age of 25, with more mature subject matter and content including mental health, managing finances, homelessness, job seeking, relationships and starting university. - This has some free meditations suitable for children.

Barnardo’s See, Hear, Respond service allows families struggling to cope with the impact of Coronavirus to self-refer for help and support:

The following websites provide support and resources for children and families following a bereavement:

Following an upsurge in cases of sexual harassment and abuse reported on the “Everyone’s Invited” website and TikTok, there is a new helpline to support potential victims in education settings. The dedicated number 0800 136 663, run by the NSPCC, will provide both children and adults who are victims of sexual abuse in schools with the appropriate support and advice. This includes how to contact the police and report crimes if they wish. The helpline will also provide support to parents and professionals too.

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation is a UK wide charity dedicated solely to preventing child sexual abuse. They run an excellent website: with a learning programme, straightforward advice and short videos on topics such as family safety plans and what to do if your child does get into trouble online. There is also a confidential helpline: 0808 1000 900.

We would advise that parents visit sites themselves prior to sharing with their children to ensure they are happy with the subject matter and content.

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