GLF Schools



The GLF Central Policies are displayed on Google Drive and updated regularly. They include the list below -
Please follow this link to the central folder

Education L&G
Child Protection & Safeguarding Complaints Policy and Procedural Guide
E-Safety Policy Data Protection
Intimate Care Health & Safety
Off- Site Activities Information Security
Physical Intervention Policy Procedure for Responding to Concerns about GLF Schools
Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Risk Management Policy
  Schools Freedom of Information
HR Whistleblowing Policy
Behaviour towards Staff by Parents, Carers and Visitors Policy  
Equal Opportunities and Dignity at Work Policy Finance
Gender Pay Gap Report Charging Policy Annex 5
ICT Acceptable Use   
GDPR - Retention Schedule V2  
Privacy Notice for Job Applicants  
Privacy Notice for Parents  
Privacy Notice for Staff  
Privacy Notice for Visitors  



At Springfield our policies clearly define and highlight expectations and procedures in school to ensure there is a consistent and comprehensive approach. 

Please note that not all policies are published on the school website, if you would like a copy of any of the school policies please direct your enquiry through the school office.

Link to Springfield Primary School Policies

You can access the following policies through this link:

- Accessibility Policy
- Access to Female Sanitary Products Policy
- Anti-Bullying Policy
- Assessment, Feedback and Reporting Police
- Attendance Policy
- Behaviour Policy
- Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
- Children's Anti-bullying Policy
- Complaints Policy and Procedural Guidance
- COVID-19 Policy
- Diversity and Inclusion Policy
- Equalities Policy
- First Aid Policy
- PHSE Policy
- Privacy Notice
- School Travel Policy
- SEND Policy
- SEND Policy Addendum
- Quality of Education Policy
- Sex and Relationship Policy
- Sheltering in Place Policy
- Supporting Medical Conditions in School Policy