GLF Schools



The GLF Central Policies are displayed on Google Drive and updated regularly. They include the list below -
Please follow this link to the central folder

- Behaviour towards staff by parents, carers and visitors
- Charging Policy
- Child Protection and Safeguarding
- Complaints Policy and Procedural Guide
- Diversity and Inclusion Policy
- E-Safety
- Exclusions
- GDPR: Data Protection
- GDPR: Information Security
- GDPR: Protection of Biometric Information
- GDPR: Privacy Notice for Job Applicants
- GDPR: Privacy Notice for Parents
- GDPR: Privacy Notice for Pupils
- GDPR: Privacy Notice for the GLF Workforce
- GDPR: Privacy Notice for Visitors
- GDPR: Retention Schedule
- GDPR: Schools Freedom of Information
- Health and Safety
- Health and Safety Covid Addendum
- ICT Acceptable Use
- Intimate Care
- Off-site Activities
- Physical Intervention 
- SEND and Inclusion
- Supporting Children with Medical Conditions
- Whistleblowing


At Springfield our policies clearly define and highlight expectations and procedures in school to ensure there is a consistent and comprehensive approach. 

Please note that not all policies are published on the school website, if you would like a copy of any of the school policies please direct your enquiry through the school office.

Link to Springfield Primary School Policies

You can access the following policies through this link:

- Accessibility Policy
- Access to Female Sanitary Products Policy
- Anti-Bullying Policy
- Assessment, Feedback and Reporting Police
- Attendance Policy
- Behaviour Policy
- Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
- Children's Anti-bullying Policy
- Complaints Policy and Procedural Guidance
- COVID-19 Policy
- Diversity and Inclusion Policy
- Equalities Policy
- First Aid Policy
- PHSE Policy
- Privacy Notice
- School Travel Policy
- SEND Policy
- SEND Policy Addendum
- Quality of Education Policy
- Sex and Relationship Policy
- Sheltering in Place Policy
- Springfield Uniform Policy
- Supporting Medical Conditions in School Policy
- Young Carers Policy