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Springfield Primary School is a happy and caring school where expectations of behaviour are high. We provide a safe and positive learning environment within which we seek to develop a mutually supportive attitude where children can understand and express their feelings and respect those of others. We aim to build a community based on partnership with parents, children, staff, governors and the wider community underpinned by the Springfield Way, which is embedded through the school. This policy was written with the involvement of staff, Governors and pupils in addition to the DfE guidance. 

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Springfield Primary School Exclusion Arrangements

Anti-Bullying Alliance - All Together Schools

Springfield Primary School is proud to have participated in the Anti-Bullying Alliance's All Together Schools programme, reflecting our ongoing commitment to pupil safety and wellbeing. Over a period of 6 months, the school completed a comprehensive review of anti-bullying procedures and practices within the school, taking into account feedback from pupils, parents and staff. With support from the ABA, we were able to highlight key strengths and produce a targeted action plan to ensure our school environment and staff are best able to support our pupils to navigate social situations, friendship issues and the increasingly challenging world around us. Our school's Anti-Bullying policy was updated to make it more accessible for parents and pupils and reflected their increasing concerns about incidents that may occur on social media.

At the end of this period a final audit was completed, submitted and independently assessed by the ABA alongside feedback from pupil questionnaires. We were very happy to receive the highest accreditation, Gold, recognising the school's nurturing, supportive ethos and commitment of the whole Springfield Community to creating a safe, happy and supporting learning environment for all our pupils.

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