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The Rainforest Room

The Rainforest Room

A new provision, opened in the Summer Term of 2024, for high need SEN children. Offering a specialist programme, catering to specific needs by a team of SEN specialist​ Practitioners. 

The room is designed to be a calm and nurturing environment that provides children with the resources and provisions they need to thrive. 

The Rainforest team work collaboratively to carry out the Section F provisions outlined in a child’s EHCP. We have the support and guidance from our Surrey Speech and Language therapy assistant who has worked with us to make the setting a communication friendly environment for our children. 

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The resources we have support emotional and sensory regulation, whilst being engaging and motivating for the children.

We use the zones of regulation to firstly model to the children how to identify emotion in ourselves and others. With the aim that they will be able to recognise this in themselves and use a supportive strategy to regulate. 

We use the ‘Colour Monster’ book as an engaging book for the children, which supports their emotional regulation outcome targets. 



The children’s learning and progress are monitored and recorded by the adults in the setting, this helps us to plan next steps for their learning.

We enjoy celebrating success with the children. Every small step is recognised and celebrated! 


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