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Speech and Language

Speech and language support within Springfield Primary School is provided throughout the whole school from Nursery to Year 6, to cater for children’s individual needs through bespoke interventions. These interventions consist of speech acquisition, language understanding and development. Depending on the child’s needs these sessions run as one to one support or in small groups. Resources are provided within lessons and sent home to continue supporting children to ensure they are meeting their goals and targets. Parent workshops have taken place to continue to ensure a consistent approach at both home and school.

Staff who deliver these high standard individualised sessions are ELKLAN trained and continue to receive the most up-to-date professional development. Speech and language is valued through the school, whole staff training has enabled all staff to understand, support and implement strategies through differentiated in class support when needed.

Alongside this we put a focus on developing children's oracy skills in all lessons, which continue to reflect our dedication for supporting all children with language development. Resources within class are used to support speech and language, including word mats, vocabulary boards, visual aids, sound buttons and staff modelling of correct language acquisition. Within interventions a variety of resources are used, and the outdoor learning areas are accessed to provide memorable, hands on learning opportunities.

We are extremely excited to be part of the Nuffield Language Programme, which will be used to support children in our Early Years provision. External agencies provide support, training and assessments when needed and work alongside our staff to ensure best practice is implemented for children.

To further support the children during the lockdown period, a dedicated Speech and Language classroom has been set up with activities and resources for the children to access. 

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