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Our staff have been praised for encouraging a culture of high achievement and showing a willingness to make extra effort to help children be the best they can in the school’s latest Ofsted inspection.

We were checked by inspectors at the end of February, and for the second inspection in a row, rated as good, which is second only to outstanding in the four-tier rankings.

“Senior leaders, the trust and staff are determined that all children will succeed, whatever their needs or circumstances,” the report said. “They have high expectations of what children will achieve and put in extra support for those that need it.”

This aspirational approach was reflected in a positive attitude towards school life shown by the children.

“Springfield Primary is a school where every child is welcome and cared for,” the report said. “It is a happy school where leaders and staff work hard to make sure that they all feel safe and are ready to learn … children know that adults have high expectations of them and understand the school wants them to ‘Aim high and achieve excellence, together’.  

“They told the inspector that they know the teachers are here to help them and that they encourage them to keep wanting to know more.“

Every member of the Springfield family matters equally, so it was great to see that the emphasis put on the teaching and inclusion of children with SEND caught the eye of the inspectors.  

“Leaders have a thorough understanding of children’s needs and ensure that plans are in place to support their learning,” the report said. “Children with SEND are well supported. Teachers adapt learning tasks to meet their needs so that they can learn alongside their classmates.”

But it is not just in the classroom where the inspectors were impressed, it was also the opportunities available for children to get involved in activities, developing character-building skills.

“Children have many opportunities to take on roles of responsibility, which they take seriously,” the report said. “Year 6 sports leaders enjoy leading GUGA (Get Up Get Active) for the benefit of other children.”

“Leaders work hard to make sure that all children … join in the many wider opportunities available, such as learning musical instruments or attending one of the many clubs on offer. Year 6 children are given a variety of opportunities to take on leadership roles and become members of the school parliament, house captains and prefects.”

The pastoral side of teachers’ work, and the benefits it produces, were also praised.  

“Well-being is crucial to leaders and they ensure that children receive the support they need so their learning is not interrupted,” the report said. “As a result, they work hard in lessons, stay focused and do not distract others.”

Springfield Primary is a school where we all do our best to ensure everyone has an opportunity to find their role and play their part. That means that the wonderful comments in this report are a well-deserved tribute to the hard work carried out by everyone in the school family. Thank you for helping make it happen.

Headteacher Caroline Gibbins said: "Since joining GLF Schools, Springfield has been fortunate to have a number of strong leaders which have enabled the school to demonstrate significant strength in safeguarding practice, curriculum design and implementation and the pastoral offer. 

"These were key areas identified within the most recent Ofsted inspection and testament to the investment in school improvement over a number of years. The school looks forward to continuing to build on this, now well established, culture of strength."  

Please click here to view a copy of the full report.

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