GLF Schools

Pastoral and Emotional Support

In addition to our whole school approach to positive mental wellbeing, we work hard to support children with any additional emotional needs they may have. Our Pastoral Team have worked with children both individually and in group settings to offer strategies and guidance in a number of areas including:

Developing confidence and self-esteem.

Working collaboratively with peers and in groups.

Forming new friendships and relationships.

Responding to challenges and new activities.

Developing a growth mind-set.

Managing anxiety and worries.

Preparation for transition to secondary school.

Developing emotional vocabulary and managing strong feelings.

Navigating changes at home – the birth of a new sibling, home move or change in family circumstances.

Feelings around bereavement.

Body image and the pressures of social media.


Our Pastoral Support Room – The Reef – offers children a positive environment in which children can participate in targeted wellbeing interventions including Lego Therapy, Drawing & Talking therapy, ELSA and Thrive Support.


The Reef is also the setting for our lunchtime Lego Club which offers additional support to children who may value a quieter environment and opportunities to build friendships and social skills in a smaller setting.


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