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Science Vision

By the end of their primary education, our pupils should be equipped to make informed decisions about the scientific opportunities around them. Our science curriculum within Cornerstones offers a broad range of experiences designed to provide pupils with a progression of scientific understanding, skills and knowledge. We believe that Science should help to develop the way children understand the world through interesting, exciting and motivating experiences. Hands-on practical science is an important part to play when encouraging their natural curiosity and helping to build their confidence. Science is a powerful tool as it also improves both their English and Maths skills as well as helping them develop in many other areas too.

The following types of scientific enquiry form an integral part of every child’s education:

  • comparative / fair testing.
  • research.
  • observation over time.
  • pattern seeking.
  • identifying, grouping and classifying.
  • problem solving.

This year, we have invested in the Primary Science Quality Mark which is a school improvement programme for primary science. The process of achieving a PSQM raises the profile and quality of science across the whole school. It supports subject leaders to effectively implement a curriculum for science that is informed by research evidence and best practice data and ensures that there is a strong and positive impact throughout the school.

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