Part of the Glyn Academies Trust


Staff List 2016-2017:

Teaching Staff:

Mrs Bethan Smiith Headteacher/DSL
Mrs J Sherrington Deputy Headteacher (LMT)/DSL
Miss R Peacock Assistant Headteacher/Year 6 Teacher/Maths
Mr D Baker Assistant Headteacher/Year 3 Teacher/Literacy
Mr J Carlisle Year 6  PE/Wellbeing Team
Miss K Isaac Year 6
Mr C Gough Year 5 Pupil Premium Leader
Miss H Gregson Year 5 SENCo/Music/Creative Team 
Mr A Neighbour Year 5
Mrs S Kidwai Year 5
Mrs N Parsons Year 4 Wellbeing Team
Mr A Smith Year 4 Foreign Languages
Miss Z Robinson Year 4
Mrs S Callcutt Year 3
Miss C Potter Year 3/School Direct Teacher
Miss B Donnelly Year 2 Science/Humanities Team
Miss N Beale Year 2
Miss S McGrath                        Year 1 Phonics Leader/Geography
Miss C Seager Year 1
Mrs  L Fennell Reception EYFS Leader
Mrs L Burbage Non-classroom based teacher


Support Staff:

Mr Sam Buckman Family Support Worker/DSL
Mrs Debbie Standing Inclusion Assisstant
Mrs Kathy Grant Teaching Assistant
Mrs Anna Wilson HLTA
Mrs Gill Walter Teaching Assistant
Mrs Siobhan Stanbridge Teaching Assistant
Mrs Emma Geeson HLTA
Mrs Sam Sheehan Inclusion Assistant
Mrs Julia Wicks Special Educational Needs Support
Mrs Celia Lawrence Teaching Assistant
Ms Lorraine Mason ICT Support
Miss Casey Potter Teaching Assistant
Mrs Fiona Williams Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sheryl Lamb Teaching Assistant
Miss Ellie Atkins Special Educaiton Needs Support
Mrs Sonia Milstead Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kelly Tiley Special Educational Needs Support
Mrs Kirsty Griffiths HLTA
Mrs Michelle Hamill Teaching Assistant
Mrs Michell Sedgely Special Educational Needs Support
Ms Leonie Hirschberg Teaching Assistant
Mrs Angela Drake Special Educational Needs Support
Ms D Parker-Latham Special Educational Needs Support
Mrs K Denness Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Safarian Special Educational Needs Support
Miss N Cassidy Special Educational Needs Support
Miss L Leeming Teaching Assistant

Administration Staff:

Mrs Sam Keefe School Business Manager
Mrs Jane Leonard Senior Admin Manager
Miss Louise Darlow School Assistant
Mrs Des Williams School Assistant



Mr Israel Levi



Kitchen Staff:

Mrs Kate Pearce