GLF Schools

School Development Priorities

School Development Priorities for 2023-24


Core objectives

Strand 1: Quality of Education

1.       To narrow the gap in maths attainment for SEND and Disadvantaged pupils through further investment in the development of practitioner subject knowledge, in particular where it is necessary to adapt the curriculum to best meet need. 

2.       To narrow the attainment gap for SEND pupils through a) further investment in deepening teacher expertise in delivery quality first teaching and b) increasing knowledge and engagement in EHCPs pupils’ needs. 

3.       To continue to improve pupil outcomes in writing through an investment in CPD explicitly focusing on deepening GPS subject knowledge and how to apply this through effective teacher modelling. 

Strand 2: Behaviour and attitudes

2.1 To continue to work on reducing levels of non-attendance for Disadvantaged pupils through targeted support where attendance sits at 80-90%. 

2.2 To upskill class teachers, teaching assistants and HLTAs  in how they provide pastoral support for children.

Strand 3: Personal Development

3.1 To develop further opportunities for pupils to develop as responsible, respectful and active citizens through curriculum enrichment opportunities which build cultural capital.

Strand 4: Leadership and management

4.1 To support the successful implementation of the GLF phased curriculum, including maths. through training, support, co-planning and quality-assurance with the Cluster CAP.  

Strand 5: EYFS

5.1 To improve the quality of inclusive provision for pupils in the Nursery through a focus on structured carpet sessions, systems for good management of behaviour for learning and careful design of the indoor/outdoor provision to best meet cohort need