GLF Schools

School Development Priorities

School Development Priorities for 2022-23


Core objectives

Strand 1: Quality of Education

1.1 To consolidate and deepen expertise in the teaching of phonics including Key Stage 2 support programmes.

1.2 To narrow the gap in maths attainment for disadvantaged pupils through further investment in the development of practitioner subject knowledge in lessons and interventions

1.3 To narrow the attainment gap for SEND pupils through further investment in quality-first teaching and supporting greater levels of expertise in the delivery of interventions.

1.4 To continue to improve pupil outcomes in writing through an investment in CPD explicitly focusing on class teacher modelling

Strand 2: Behaviour and attitudes

2.1 To continue to work on reducing PA ensuring attendance meets 96% or above, through to a focus on pupils for whom attendance sits between 90-85%.

2.2 To develop further levels of pastoral care for all pupils through staff (teaching and non-teaching) training and increasing levels of parental engagement in all aspects of children’s development.

Strand 3: Personal Development

3.1 To develop further opportunities for pupils to develop as responsible, respectful and active citizens through curriculum enrichment opportunities which build cultural capital.

Strand 4: Leadership and management

4.1 To develop both whole school and bespoke CPD programmes for all teaching and non-teaching staff to the end that staff feel invested in and provision for pupils remains of a high standard.

Strand 5: EYFS

5.1 To develop pupils’ confidence and fluency in writing, including developing further teachers’  expertise in the teaching of phonics.

5.2 To provide further support for pupils with barriers to communication through creating a language rich environment

5.3 To further enhance the indoor and outdoor provisions ensuring there is a balance of child led and adult led tasks

5.4 To further enhance pupils’ personal, social and emotional development to develop a positive sense of self.

5.5 To introduce effective use of assessment tools, such as Tapestry, and use information gained to inform planning and next steps.