GLF Schools

Trips and extra-curricular activities

Year 3

Sunbury Cross:
As part of their topic ‘Urban Pioneers’, Year 3 walked to the Sunbury Cross subway in order to look at some real life urban art and graffiti. Children took photos of the amazing art work in order to create sensational collages in their art lessons back at school.

Year 4

Harry Potter Studios:
Year 4 had a magical time at the Harry Potter Studios. They were in awe of the visual effects of the fire-breathing dragon and the 3D model of Hogwarts. They braved the Enchanted Forest and flew on broomsticks. Their enjoyment and excitement was clear to see throughout the day.

Chertsey Museum Viking workshop:
Year 4 really enjoyed consolidating their learning with a visitor from Chertsey Museum. Children loved handling weapons and wearing armour although they were stunned at how heavy the chainmail was to wear! It was lovely to see their learning being brought to life.

Healthy workshop and Circuit fitness:
To begin the Year 4 topic of Burps, Bottoms and Bile, A-life Healthy Schools Workshops visited. The workshop involved all the children in several hands-on science activities that catered for all abilities. The children were engaged throughout the sessions and interacted positively and enthusiastically. Following their science workshop, they participated in a circuit fitness session which challenged even the fittest! However, we witnessed circuits accessible for all, with maximum participation that led to huge achievements and satisfaction for everyone. We believe that all of Year 4 would agree that this experience was an invaluable, unforgettable and a hugely positive learning experience.