GLF Schools

Trips and Extra-Curricular Activities

Junior Citizenship

On Tuesday, Year 6 attended the Junior Citizen workshop at Walton Fire Station. Junior Citizen has been running for over ten years and is organised by Spelthorne Borough Council with support from the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner, Surrey Fire and Rescue, Surrey Police, RNLI, Southwestern Railway and St John Ambulance. The children took part in interactive workshops, which taught them about staying safe and being good citizens. Topics covered included: first aid, stranger danger, fire safety, water safety and contacting the emergency services. The children displayed exemplary behaviour and were a credit to Springfield and our community.


WW2 Workshop

Chertsey Museum provided a wonderful and engaging workshop on WW2 for our Year 6s. Air raid sirens were raised to invoke a feeling of what it was like when a potential threat was imminent and genuine gas masks were on display for the children to look at! All the children were enthralled by the artifacts on display and the informative delivery of tales as well as true accounts by a member of Chertsey Museum. Activities were designed to provide the children with an enriching experience and to further support their understanding on rationing, The Blitz, evacuees, and air raid shelters. The workshop allowed the children to ask meaningful questions that encouraged enthusiasm and excitement for their topic of study for this half-term - WW2. 


Building Anderson Shelters

Thank you to all the parents that attended the Year 6 'Family Learning Afternoon' as it was appreciated by both staff and pupils to see so many of you take time out of your day to celebrate your children's learning - they were so excited! The children had a fantastic time and loved sharing their learning with you. It was enjoyable to watch the children build Anderson shelters with such enthusiasm as they shared their knowledge and understanding. 


Year 5 Rotary Club Link

We have a long-standing link to the Rotary Club and Year 5 were presented with dictionaries this week. These are always cherished by the children, helping them not only in lessons, but also with home-learning too.


Year 5 Family Learning – Egyptian Cartouches

Year 5 have been learning about ancient Egypt and during the Family Learning session we created clay cartouches.