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Trips and Extra-Curricular Activities

Year 5 – STEM Day

Year 5 had a fantastic STEM Day learning all about coding, how rockets launch and how planes fly. They were fortunate to have Kingston Technology host the workshop and were involved in many practical activities, that developed their scientific knowledge. The day allowed the children to work together in teams and garner a love of science that could possibly inspire them to become scientists in the future.

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Year 5 – Residential to Burwell House

Year 5 had a memorable three day residential at Burwell House, where they got to learn about the local history and stay in an old, fabulous house. During their stay, the Year 5s got to develop their mapping skills, use their creativity in making Batik bags and even perform in a TV studio. What a wonderful experience! Until next time Burwell House.

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Building Anderson Shelters

Thank you to all the parents that attended the Year 6 'Family Learning Afternoon' as it was appreciated by both staff and pupils to see so many of you take time out of your day to celebrate your children's learning - they were so excited! The children had a fantastic time and loved sharing their learning with you. It was enjoyable to watch the children build Anderson shelters with such enthusiasm as they shared their knowledge and understanding. 


Year 5 Rotary Club Link

We have a long-standing link to the Rotary Club and Year 5 were presented with dictionaries this week. These are always cherished by the children, helping them not only in lessons, but also with home-learning too.