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At Springfield Primary School, we work with pupils through our curriculum to promote British values, helping to protect children from the risks poses by radicalisation and extremism.  

Building resilience of young people and the promotion of fundamental British Values is at the heart of preventing radicalisation. Springfield Primary school creates a safe environment in which children can discuss controversial issues and be given the knowledge and confidence to challenge extremist beliefs and ideologies. 

Schools play a vital role in keeping children safe from harm, including from the risks of extremism and radicalisation, and in promoting the welfare of children in their care.  

The aim of Prevent is to stop people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Prevent also extends to supporting the rehabilitation and disengagement of those already involved in terrorism. 

The Prevent duty requires specified authorities such as education, health, local authorities, police and criminal justice agencies to help prevent the risk of people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. It sits alongside long-established safeguarding duties on professionals to protect people from a range of other harms, such as substance abuse, involvement in gangs, and physical and sexual exploitation. The duty helps to ensure that people who are susceptible to radicalisation are supported as they would be under safeguarding processes. 

In fulfilling the Prevent duty in Section 26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 (CTSA 2015), all specified authorities are expected to filly work to prevent the risk of people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. 

When carrying out the Prevent duty, specified authorities should also ensure that they comply with other legal obligations, particularly those under data protection legislation and the Equality Act 2010 (for example, the Public Sector Equality Duty). Further education and higher education settings should be especially mindful of duties to protect freedom of speech and academic freedom. 

The strategy aims to:  

  • tackle the ideological causes of terrorism 
  • intervene early to support people susceptible to radicalisation 
  • enable people who have already engaged in terrorism to disengage and rehabilitate 


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Prevent duty guidance: for England and Wales (accessible) - GOV.UK (